Open Innovation Challenge by Acció

Seize your opportunity to connect with 12 big corporations

The Health Revolution Congress will host once again the Open Innovation Challenge, powered by BHH partner ACCIÓ. This iniative aims to help large companies to find solutions to their innovation needs and challenges, as well as to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare sector.


Challenge 1

Transforming Epilepsy Care Through Digital Health

Epilepsy affects millions of people worldwide, posing various challenges in the diagnosis, management and prevention of epilepsy. At the heart of our commitment to brain health, we recognize the transformational power of digital health solutions to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.

We are therefore excited to announce the launch of our Open Innovation Challenge: “Transforming epilepsy care through digital health.”

This challenge seeks to attract pioneering ideas and technologies that push the boundaries of what is currently possible in epilepsy. We invite start-ups, researchers, technologists and innovators to participate and share solutions for one or more of the following objectives:

1) Seizure detection: New methods for accurately and rapidly detecting seizures as they occur, using technologies such as wearable devices, machine learning, or other biosensors

2) Seizure prognosis: Solutions that can predict the likelihood of a seizure may lead to new proactive seizure management.

3) Patient empowerment: Digital tools or platforms that empower epilepsy patients to better manage their condition, including medication monitoring, lifestyle management, and personalized care planning

4) Data-driven insights: Technology that harnesses the power of data analytics to gain deeper insights into epilepsy, potentially leading to new treatment strategies or improvements in the care of individual patients

5) Communities and Support: Projects that use digital platforms to connect individuals with epilepsy, carers and healthcare professionals, enhance supportive communities and increase access to information and services.

The challenge is open to all forms of digital health solutions, whether it’s an app, device, software, or a completely new technology concept. Entries will be evaluated based on their innovation, impact, scalability, feasibility, and the clarity of their implementation plan.

Challenge 2

Digital solution to support mothers during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides essential nutrients and antibodies that strengthen the baby’s immune system, reducing the risk of disease. It also promotes an emotional bond between mother and child, and contributes to the mother’s physical and emotional health.

We are therefore pleased to announce the launch of our Open Innovation Challenge: “Create a breastfeeding support app for mothers”. This challenge aims to improve the quality of life of breastfeeding mothers through a digital application.

1) Breastfeeding monitoring: Breastfeeding monitoring with the aim of knowing how long and how often mothers breastfeed, offering a correct follow-up. – The application should allow for a record of breastfeeding sessions, which could include the time and duration of each breastfeeding session. – The app could analyse the recorded data to provide information on the baby’s feeding pattern, including how many times a day the baby feeds, the average duration of each breastfeeding session and how much time has passed between each session. – The app could allow mothers to set reminders for breastfeeding sessions, which would help them maintain a regular feeding schedule for the baby.

2) Prediction of nutritional needs: Depending on the mother’s stage of breastfeeding, the app should predict the mother’s nutritional needs, enabling proactive management of infant feeding and development.

3) Maternal empowerment: The app will provide personalised breastfeeding information, specialist advice and medication reminders, empowering mothers to make informed decisions and better manage their health and that of their baby.

4) Analytics for optimal breastfeeding: Implementation of a feature that uses the device’s camera to provide mothers with visual guidance on how to breastfeed their babies correctly. This feature will allow mothers to see in real time whether they are properly positioning the baby for effective breastfeeding, helping to correct possible mistakes and improve breastfeeding technique.

5) Virtual community support: To provide breastfeeding mothers with quick and reliable access to scientific advice on breastfeeding through a virtual assistant, in order to promote a successful and satisfying breastfeeding experience for mother and child.

-Provide Reliable Scientific Information: Integrate an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that is backed by a database of up-to-date and verified scientific information on breastfeeding and related topics.

-Instantly Resolve Doubts: Enable mothers to ask questions and receive instant answers on a wide range of breastfeeding-related topics, such as breastfeeding techniques, common problems, infant nutrition and more.

The competition is open specifically to a phone application, but other creative proposals focused on the same objective, as mentioned above, will be considered. Proposals will be judged on innovation, impact, scalability, feasibility and clarity of the implementation plan.

Person in Charge

Gemma Malla

Head of Digital Medicines Iberia at Angelini Pharma