Interview with Qualifyze

The upcoming Health Revolution Congress on May 16th is the largest European Summit in Digital Health, where global startups & stakeholders join forces in Barcelona. The event, organized by Barcelona Health Hub and powered by Fundació Privada de l’Hospital de la Sant Creu i Sant Pau, will take place against the stunning backdrop of the Recinto Modernista. Here you’ll dive into the latest tech, pioneering innovations and of course lots of networking opportunities.

One of the companies you can meet at the Health Revolution Congress is Qualifyze. They help healthcare companies increase supply chain reliability by capturing compliance and commercial data from their suppliers, ranging from SAQs to onsite audits. The data is collected, processed, and accessed through a digital platform, streamlining the process from supplier selection over qualification to monitoring. They serve more than 1200 healthcare clients globally.

Today you’ll meet Verónica Padilla, Chief of Staff at Qualifyze, who will share with us more about their expectations for the Health Revolution Congress.

Verónica, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Health Revolution Congress. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Qualifyze?

Sure, my name is Verónica and I’m the Chief of Staff at Qualifyze. As CoS, I manage the strategic planning and implementation of the executives’ targets while motivating and coordinating staff members to work together effectively and efficiently across departments.

At Qualifyze, we streamline the entire supplier audit process for healthcare and pharma companies. We conduct on-site audits globally — we are present in more than 75 countries. Our Audit Management Platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, and auditors, making it easier to manage audits across multiple sites and locations, with real-time insights, all from one centralized platform.

We’ve helped over 1,200 healthcare and pharmaceutical clients achieve and maintain top-tier quality standards in their supply chains. Our platform also enables them to easily track, monitor, and forecast quality and sustainability compliance insights.

How does Qualifyze manage to stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic regulatory environment, ensuring audits are consistently reliable and adaptable at scale?

At Qualifyze we have a global network of 250 quality professionals with a solid background in Pharma and Healthcare, including local auditors and former inspectors, which helps us to keep informed on local regulations. We also have a very strong internal team of quality professionals with life-science backgrounds and GxP expertise. This expertise combined with a serious quality management system (we are ISO 9001 certified) and a very robust methodology ensures our audits are consistently reliable.

Our extensive audit report database also allows us to track compliance trends across all markets and audit types through one of our latest solutions, Market Intelligence, also available to our customers. This capability helps us anticipate shifts in quality compliance trends and identify areas for improvement in the industry.

How is Qualifyze adjusting its tech and methods to meet clients’ changing needs amid digital changes in the healthcare industry?

The relationship with our stakeholders is the key to making sure we are always one step ahead of their needs. We talk regularly to our customers, suppliers and auditors to understand how we can keep providing value to them, being through new digital products, like our Market Intelligence, or through new types of audits, like ESG audits, to use two recent examples.

What tips and tricks could you give to companies in healthcare in terms of supply chain reliability?

Recent global events, such as the pandemic and political shifts, have significantly impacted product supply. Our current focus is on helping our customers assess how reliable and resilient is their supply chain so that, through validated data they could make more informed decisions. In case they foresee a risk within their current operations, we also help them diversify their supplier network with our Supplier Directory solution, which enables customers to find, qualify, connect, and onboard new suppliers faster and more effectively than ever.

Lots of new developments are happening every day. How do you see the future of digital health?

I think that the future of Digital Health is in the data. In our case, the data we collect through our on-site audits and our digital platform is crucial to help pharma manufacturers and their suppliers, benchmark their performance and thus improve their operational capabilities; reducing the possibility of shortages, recalls of medicines and supply chain disruptions.

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to have you at this largest European congress in digital health. Why did you decide to join the Health Revolution Congress?

One of the main reasons is linked to one of your previous questions; we want to stay ahead of recent changes and developments in the industry and the Health Revolution Congress is the go-to place to learn about what is going on! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn but also to share, and receive insights and feedback. Can’t wait!

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