Room Mercabarna: Innovative Horizons | Technologies for a More Sustainable and Healthy Diet

Join the afternoon session ‘Innovative Horizons: Technologies for a More Sustainable and Healthy Diet‘ by Mercabarna, on May 16th at 16 hrs, as another dynamic track of the Health Revolution Congress.

This session held in Spanish features a roundtable that promises to be a key meeting point for those interested in the future of our food and it’s moderated by the Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Mercabarna, Pau Lopez Rojo.

With speakers Maria Eugenia Martin CEO at Color Sensing, Eric Verdaguer, Co-Founder & CEO at Logmeal, and Max Boniface, CTO and Co-founder at Väcka, they will explore technological advancements that are leading us towards more efficient and sustainable food systems.

Discover projects that are making a difference, share your ideas, and connect with other professionals who share your interest in a healthier and more sustainable world.

Participate and be part of the solution within the Health Revolution Congress next May 16th.

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