Interview with Smartclinic

The Health Revolution Congress, last May 17th, is the largest European Summit in Digital Health, where global startups & stakeholders join forces in Barcelona. The event, powered by Barcelona Health Hub, provided you inside knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions. Let’s explore today’s digital health solutions for tomorrow’s health!

One of the companies you could meet at the Health Revolution Congress is BHH member SMARTCLINIC. It’s the first digital surgical clinic where you can do exactly the same services as any other but paperless, no wasting time and no need to move from one place to another; all 100% digital and safe.

SMARTCLINIC works through a digital platform where you can select the intervention and the surgeon you would like to have and where you will be able to approach him directly, where you will be personally accompanied also by the anesthesiologist during the whole process and have all documents ready before going into surgery. Then again, our clients are always hand in hand by health care professionals the whole time, before, during and even after the intervention.

SMARTCLINIC, could you tell us how did you get here?

During 20 years Dr. Lluís Salvadó, the founder, noticed people have the same doubts and worries, which repeated again and again:

  • How can I pick my doctor?
  • What anesthesia are they going to use on me?
  • What if I pass away?
  • What is going to happen to me?
  • Can someone explain it to me in a way I understand?
  • Do I need preparation before the intervention?

Putting ourselves in our clients shoes we reviewed the key points and we found out 3 main barriers to solve:

  1. An inefficient communication channel between doctors and patients.
  2. A slow bureaucratic process around the surgery.
  3. No adaptability to new generation society and those people outside big cities.

That’s how we arrived to conclude that digitizing everything that surrounds surgery was the answer. This way we could expedite the administrative processes, avoid displacements, both locals and internationals, and no more time wasted from our clients. All of these provides advantages as a significant monetary saving by erasing the geographical barriers between cities and making the process more convenient since all of it can be done even from your home until the intervention day, and moreover, the clients will be able to keep a direct communication with the personal who’ll be attending them, as the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the sanitary staff.

How is your company engaging in the revolution?

SMARTCLINIC has achieved to apply technology to make an in-person and exhaustive process for both parts, doctors and patients, into an agile, completely safe procedure capable of being done from any place, at any moment and from any device.

The digitization of the process around surgery means to follow a personalized monitoring of patients, whom through our platform, can keep a direct communication 24/7 with doctors, 100% safe. This helps them to arrive more eased and assured to the operating room.

Also, this digitizing has allowed us to profoundly detach this process from a physical and specific place, and this way people who live far away from operating rooms, they don’t need to travel or move until the intervention day, and they arrive already prepared, well informed about the process and the previous recommendations, with the approval of anesthesiologist, with the permissions signed and the needed paperwork already done.

We are audited in cybersecurity, we work with BlackChain technology and shortly we will incorporate A.I. in order to improve and optimize even more our process.

This digitization also contributes to the revolution of more efficient clinics and sustainables, due it helps having a major organization of the Operation Rooms optimize the internal process, becoming paperless, avoiding last minute cancellations and reducing people displacements, which translates into a smaller carbon footprint and less environmental impact.

What are you more proud about?

The most we are proud of is having created for the first time a “customer centric” process where we have achieved to set the client at the center point of the whole process, significantly improving his customer experience from the one that existed before, and still, doing the same job.

All the referrals that we have received talk about the facility and commodity of the process, the personalized attention and how this has helped them to arrive more prepared and tranquilised to the intervention with the benefit of not having to displace and arrange the meetings at the convenience of their agenda.

We left behind the synchronous connection for the truly important and indispensable, and for the rest, we use the tools and asynchronous communication, which helps medicine to be adapted to people’s best convenience and not otherwise.

In SMARTCLINIC we are convinced that people should be at the main focus, and we do our best to make it possible, and that’s why they recognize us.

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