Identify the “Leading Change in Pharma through Digital Health”

Only a few days left until the Health Revolution Congress! Be sure to catch the insightful panel session exploring the “Leading Change in Pharma through Digital Health“.

Discover the transformative impact of digital health on the pharmaceutical industry through this panel discussion. Gain valuable perspectives on the current state of digital health in pharma, learn from success stories and case studies, and receive practical advice to leverage digital health for operational transformation.

Dive into the panelists’ perspectives of Gemma Malla,, Head of Digital Iberia at Angelini Pharma, Anna Torrent, Medical Innovation and Transformation Lead at Boehringer Ingelheim, Jaime Gadea, Iberia Marketing Head at Sandoz, Albert Farré, Head of Business Excellence and Customer Engagement at Novartis, and moderator BHH Ambassador Orlando Vergara, in this insightful panel of pharma giants.

Don’t miss this panel where you’ll get practical advice for companies looking to harness the power of digital health to transform their operations.

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