Discover “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience”

Just one week to go until the Health Revolution Congress! It’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming panel about “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience”.

Discover in this panel how insurance companies are using advanced technologies and data analysis to improve the overall health and well-being of patients, moving from a reactive approach to a proactive perspective. The panel explores the use of digital health solutions to identify potential health risks, provide personalized care and support, and enhance the patient experience.

Influential thought leaders will share their insights into the transformative initiatives that insurers are spearheading in healthcare. Jay Rajda, International Payor Partnership Leader of Amazon Web Services, Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia by Mapfre, Omar Najid, CEO of Docline, and Marc Torrents, Head of Klinc Business at Zurich will discuss under the skillful guidance of moderator Anna Moragas of SDLI

Together, these industry trailblazers will reveal the extraordinary ways insurers are revolutionizing the patient experience, shifting the paradigm from prevention to prediction. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this session! Secure your ticket now and be part of the revolution!