Health & Insurance team up at the ICHMeetup at the Health Revolution Congress

The health and insurance sectors have a unique relationship that presents many opportunities for collaboration. Discover in the ICHMeetup by the Insurtech Community Hub at the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th how to seize those opportunities!

Both sectors add their own expertise to the mix. On one hand, the health sector provides medical services and treatments to patients, while on the other hand, the insurance sector provides coverage for medical expenses. 

By working together, they can create a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system that benefits patients and insurers alike. For instance, insurers can incentivize their policyholders to seek preventative care and adopt healthier lifestyles, which can reduce the overall cost of medical treatment. 

Additionally, health providers can partner with insurers to offer value-based care, which prioritizes quality outcomes rather than the number of services provided. Overall, there are numerous ways that the health and insurance sectors can work together to improve healthcare delivery and affordability.

Explore real cases of collaboration between health and insurance players such as startups, insurers and digital platforms to improve the patient experience and achieve maximum efficiency in the processes.

Join the panel “Opportunities between the health and the insurance sector” at 11:00 hrs and join Héctor Serrano, Sr. Account Executive of Liferay, José Antonio Bravo González, General Director of Orgoa, and Silvia Raga, CEO of Dycare

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